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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 9, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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♪ mr. trump: i will be president for all americans, and this is so important for me. reporter: donald trump, president-elect of the united states, after a heated, sometimes toxic, campaign. i hope he will be a successful president, the words of hillary clinton, echoed by barack obama
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as she urged supporters to give him a chance. world leaders congratulate donald trump, offering to work with his administration when he takes office in january. good evening. he has done the world and defied the odds. donald trump has defeated his heavily favored rival, hillary clinton, in the u.s. andidential election, trailing in the opinion polls for months, he pulled up a major battlegrounding states such as pennsylvania and iowa that had twice back barack obama. despite losing the state-by-state electoral battle, hillary clinton is forecast to have narrowly beaten trump in the nationwide popular poll. his four-year term will begin on january 20 and he will enjoy a
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republican georgie's in both chambers of the u.s. congress. here is what it jubilant trump had to say last night. mr. trump: america will no longer settle for anything less than the best. we are going to dream big and bold and daring. we have to do this. we are going to dream of things for our country, and beautiful things, anand successful things. i want to tell the world community that while we will always put america's interest first, we will deal fairly with everyone. reporter: u.s. president-elect donald trump speaking there. let's listen to some of the reacaction, starting with the world's number two economy,
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china. the new united states government can work with steady and sound development of bilateral relations. this will benefit the two coununtries and the entire worl. >> a spokesperson there for the chinese ministry. angela merkel told reporters in berlin that the campaign had included confrontations that she found difficult to bear, but she did offer her support, offering to work closely with the trump administration. >> germany and america are democracy, freedom, respect for the law and for the dignity of human beings, independent of origin, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or political views. basis of these values,
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i am offering the future president of the united states of america, donald trump, close cooperation. >> german chancellor angela merkel speaking there. latimer bruton was among the first to offer his congratulations -- vladimir putin offered his congratulations. here's what he had to say. heard donald trump's statements during the campaign in which he said he hoped to restore the relationship between russia and the united states. we understand and realize that it will not be in easy task, considering the current degraded state of our relations. as i've said many times, it's not our fault that our relations with america or in such a poor state, but russia is ready and wants to restore the full-fledged relations with the
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united states. that's crossed to our moscow correspondent, thomas low. let's start by talking about the official reaction to donald trump's election. the reaction has been pretty upbeat. why do you think that is? thomas: we've heard from vladimir putin, talking about improving relations and the possibility that could happen between n russia and thehe u.s., talking about w working with the u.s. in the world''s hot spots solve conflict and that kind of thing.g. those thoughts have gone through the political establishmentere , people in the senate, parlrliamentararians, basicallle political class has receiveved of donald trump's election with joy, and there is gogood reasoson for that.
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let's take nato, for e emple, the e western militatary allian. russia w will threaten by that d a aboutrump has talked takingoneyey out off it. or we can talk about syria, russia heavily involved but still implicated, and donald trump in the past has said we sad, he's art as killer, but he is fighting terrorists. this is why the russian political classes so happy about a trump preresidency. the word coming from officials there in russia. but what do ordinary russians think about trump being elected? >> i've spoken to a lot of people on the streets today and people are happy that donald , theyhas been elected
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feel he will lead d to better relations between russia and the u.s.. a lot has to do with what has been said in the media here. it's easy to find criticism of hillary clinton, and barelely a word of criticism of donald trump on the other hand. i spoke to a professor who specializes in the links between russia and the u.s.. he said it is a great opportunity for russia to improve ties with the u.s. and vice versa, but he did offer a point of warning. while donald trump has been saying these things about foreign policy and working with russia, he is an unknown quantity and his foreign policy is also an unknown quantity. reporter: thank you very much, thomas lowe. for more analysis, i'm joined in the studio by an associate professor of international
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comparative politics and a russia expert at the american university of paris. moscow is soink pleased with this outcome from washington? >> because definitely the candidate who won is the candidate perceived as not really pro-russian, but not as anti-russian as hillary clinton is perceived. might -- some might say he's therefore perceived as a bit of a pushover. we don't know that donald trump knows a huge amount about this region of the world. if that is true, the russians are aware of that as well. there is a superficial reaction toward the election of trump. we've seen that in the russian house of representatives. they announced his victory, applause from all of the
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representatives. i just watched a very important popular debate show or talkshow with many pundits and analysts and politicians, also great applause when the presenters said trump is elected. then when you get into the debates, there is some doubt and skepticism about whether trump knows what he is doing and his policy will be any different from his predecessors, or whether it will become even more aggressive. the vice president of the house of representatives, he is one of the heads of the communist party with the russian federation, he believes it will be business as usual. predatory capitalism will continue its usual policies of
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american imperialism. unanimous,solutely although on the surface, the first primal reaction of the average russian, your correspondent said it very well, is rather positive, but we don't really know what his policies will be. >> we can only look at the superficiality of his reception there and russia. what do you think it is about donald trump, something about his charisma? is there something that will make him go down well in russia? >> i'm not sure. there's someone he reminds me very much in russia, or in france we had a character who is rather on the left. these kind ofnow characters. maybe they are sympathetic to
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him because yes, there are characters like that in russia, but not necessarily. it is not necessarily something that plays with the russians in general. will be popular with the kind of russians that are the equivalent of the kind of americans who adore trump. there are a lot of american voters which we do not -- which do not really trust him. they chose him as the lesser of two evils when they had a choice between him and hillary clinton. i feel it could also be the case in russia. toy definitely prefer trump clinton, but not necessarily based on his personality or his ideas. barack obama was there while the relations deteriorated between russia and moscow. >> i'm talking about also
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analysts and pundits and people who really know foreign policy. they said he could have been worse under another president than obama. as aperceive obama quasi-isolationist and they hope that that isolationism will be .he policy of trump they also fear that there will be pressure from groups, from the establishment that will simply continue a ratather confrontational pololicy with russia. they are afraid that s somebodys that to just tell trump russia is the enemy, that russia is dangerous, and that he should be a bit more careful. >> the ukrainian president has offered his congratulations, saying he is delighted with this
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news. does this change anything, does that make ukraine fillmore vulnerable -- feel more vulnerable having donald trump in the white house instead of barack obama? perceived not as pro-russian but complacent at least towards russia. that of course could mean a change of policy, could mean a change of support towards ukraine. the scariest for ukrainian power would be simply not pro-russian policies coming from trump, but something i believe my really isolationism,be cutting down military budgets and investments, military investments, or support tort allies. in the name of reducing the
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budget and taxes for taxpayers. i would say that is the immediate concern of ukrainian leaders, but it's interesting to said that ukrainian leaders are removing all the hostile comments they had against trump before they found out about the victory. suddenly he's being very friendly and open. maybe there will be a lot of republicans who will tell trump to continue to support the ukraine. reporter: thanks for sharing that with us. president barack obama has spoken to his newly elected successor and invited him to the white house for talks tomorrow. in the past couple of hours, he
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has said he is heartened by trump's call for unity and promised to work with him for a smooth transition. it is no secret that the president-elect and i have some pretty significant differences. but remember, eight years ago, president bush and i had some pretty significant differences. team couldnt bush's not have been more professional or more gracious in making sure we had a smooth transition, so that we could hit the ground running. so i have ininstructeded my teao follow the example that president bush's team set eight years ago, and work as hard as we can to make sure this is a suit restful transnsition for te president-elect. because we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. president barack obama speaking. he also had warm words for hillary clinton, and expressed
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his admiration for what he called the strong campaign that she waged. clinton gave her first public remarks since trump's victory this afternoon, saying she hopes he will be a successful president. ms. clinton: to the people in particular, i hope you will hear this. i have spent my entire adult life f fighting for what i belie in. h hadad successes and i've setbacks. sometimes really painful ones. many of you are at the beginning of youour professional, public, and political cacareers. you u ll have susuccesses and setbacks, too. this loss hurts, but please, never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. trump is not just won the white house, but also the republican party will now have
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majorities in the senate and house of representatives, giving the u.s. president-elect tremendous power, but it remains to be seen to what extent he can unite his party and get all republicans to work with him. >> donald trump's win in the u.s. election goes much further than the white house. president tolican be should be able to count on support not just in the house of representatives but in the senate as well. the gop maintains its majority thehe house with well over 218 seats it needed to keep. that result came in just hours into the counting on tuesday night. a closer race in the senate are 34 seats were up for grabs. the republicans outperformed expectations and cap control their also. that means the possibility of major legislative changes for the u.s.. however the election did not
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just terror apart its people, it split the republicans, with trump taking criticism -- criticism from within his own party. that means there could be a bumpy road ahead. next he knows nothing about ourr system of checks and balances and our separation of power system. i think the leaders of congress have their own agenda. i think they would be willing to work with him, but as friends and roosevelt said, the president proposes, the congress disposes. >> either way, the republicans are likely to be happy about -- happy about one thing, they will judge too name a new the supreme court with little in the way of democratic opposition. reporter: the french president congratulated trump, despite having openly endorsed hillary clinton. he said it marks the start of period oflled a
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uncertainty. >> i congratulate him, because that's what the leaders of democratic nations do. what is at stake is peace, the fight against terrorism, the conflict in the middle east, economic relations, and global warming. i will quickly address these topics with the new administration. but i will remain vigilant and frank. because some of what donald trump has said during this campaign must be challenged. because it is not in line with the values the u.s. and france share. the french president speaking there. he has written a letter to barack obama expressing his wish to meet him for talks as soon as possible. on the campaign trail, donald trump said he will change policy, but few
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details were offered on the specifics. now the world is waiting to find out just what he meant. >> i''m afraidid that when it cs to foreign policy, he is very not smart. >> it's largely uncharted territory and the world is bracing for a major shakeup in international relations. follows upnot he with his campaign promises remains to be seen, but perhapss momost controversial are his immigration policieses. they would inclulude extrereme vetting ofof muslimsms enteringe country and the construction of a wall on the u.s.-mexico border. mexico, i respect the country, they are taking our jobs, our manufacturing, our money. also endorsed an israeli border fence and
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advocated support for israel, indicating he wants to scrap the nuclear deal with iran and renegotiate terms with nato, suggesting the u.s. could even leave the alliance. trump: we will never enter into any conflict unless it makes us safer as a nation. endorsed however russia for a key role in stabilizing syria, saying he wants to create a new alliance with moscow. mrmr. trump: i think i would hae a very good r relationship with putin and with russia. says the greatest problems facing the world, the threat of nuclear weapons and terrorists. he wants to work with russia to eliminate the enemy but he is never revealed his action plans for defeating the islamic state group, claiming it would take away the element of surprise.
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markets.turn to the were joined by our business editor, kate moody. it's been quite a choppy day of trade following that news from washington. kate: not quite the result some might've expected on global markets. and street futures plunged asian markets dropped significantly. as the winner became clear and it became apparent there would be a definitive result, the markets began to rally. after a choppy start to the session, wall street is trading firmly in the green. the dow jones up 1.5%, the s&p 500 up nearly 1.2. the nasdaq not far behind. banking and pharmaceutical sectors are doing very well. european markets ended sharply after losses earlier in
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the session. the moscow stock exchange rose and the asian markets for the brunt of the shop. on thesome volatility currency markets as well. the u.s. dollar has largely recovered its losses against the euro and japanese yen. the mexican peso still down just over 7% against the dollar but ill off the record lows it hit earlier. i asked the head of european equities at fidelity international whether he was surprised that we have not seen more losses across the board. >> what we seen today is a very measured response from the market. i wonder whether some part of that can be explained by the fact that we have lived in relatively recent times through a surprising political outcome, brexit, where you ended up with a very negative short-term reaction but one that reversed
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relatively quickly. i think that what repair people for or reminded people that acting in haste isn't always the right thing to do. we've seen a more measured response today. one of his campaign promises was to back out of a number of international trade deals. how much of that can he do? quinn has been finding out. >> it was one of the few areas of consistency from donald trump on the campaign trail, promises to withdraw from or several of the world's biggest international trade deals. >> i'm going to renegotiate nafta. if i cannot make a great deal, we are going to terminate nafta. >> he said it would withdraw the
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u.s. from the transpacific partnership, designed to bring america together with 11 other countries. negotiations on the transatlantic trade and partnership with the european union, backed heavily by the obama administration, are likely to stall in definitely under a new protectionist american executive. >> it would be bad news for europe and germany. export country for the german economy. >> actions that some fear could set up a trade war with one of the top u.s. economic partners. american presidents have wide leeway in setting trade policy and it's likely that donald trump could follow through on his threat, even without congressional approval, but trade wars might damage the u.s.
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economy and its unsure if he would hold the hard-line of donald trump the candidate. to seee will be waiting if he can come through. reporter: i'll be back in a couple of minutes with continued coverage of the u.s. election results. stay with us here on "france 24 ."
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